How to Raise a Vocation

August 08, 2017

“And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
-Matthew 4:19-20

What can we practically do to encourage vocations for our children?

We need to encourage them to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
One way that we can encourage that relationship is by encouraging them in prayer. Prayer is so important because it gives Jesus plenty of time
to speak to them.

Another great, practical way to encourage vocations is by asking your kids not what they are going to do, but how they are going to serve. This language opens them up to thinking about vocation instead of just career paths.  At the end of the day, if God wants our ultimate happiness, he will bring us to that through our vocation, whether that’s through marriage and a career, or entrance into the priesthood or religious life.

Finally, always speak kindly about priests and religious life, and if possible, try to have a relationship with them! Invite your parish priest or any religious life at your parish to dinner in your home. Allow your children to spend time with them so that they can see the joy of saying “yes!” to the Lord.

Live It! Tip of the Week: Try to make it a habit to pray with your children
every night.

Father you call each one of us by name and ask us to follow you.

Bless your church by raising up dedicated and generous leaders from our families and friends who will serve your people as Sisters, Priests, Brothers, Deacons, and
Lay Ministers.

Inspire us as we grow to know you, and open our hearts to hear your call.

We ask this in Jesus name, Amen.