Rejoice and Give

January 17, 2017

“Above all hold unfailing your love for one another,
since love covers a multitude of sins.”

–1 Peter 4:8

Meditation – Step 2: Use Money for Others

Have you ever tried to rip away a dog’s favorite toy out of it’s mouth? Impossible right? What do you do instead? Have the dog come over and start petting him and talking sweetly. After a little while the dog loosens its grip and you can easily sneak away the toy. I know you’ve done this!

But what if we take time to stop and be still and think about all the blessings that God has poured out into our lives. The more we ponder the goodness of God and recognize that he is a good Father who will always provide, the more we become like that dog that loosens its grip. We begin to open up our hands. We begin to see our resources as a gift that we have been given by God to share.

St. Francis would chase down the beggars to make sure he offered them whatever he had. Rather than avoid eye contact with the homeless, be prepared to give.


Remember us, O God; from age to age be our comforter.
You have given us the wonder of time, blessings in days and nights, seasons and years.
Bless your children at the turning of the year and fill the months ahead with the bright hope that is ours in the coming of Christ. You are our God, living and reigning, forever and ever. Amen.
—From Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers