Spiritual Gem of St. Joseph #2

October 31, 2017

“I have found in David the son of Jesse a man after my heart,
who will do all my will.”
-Acts 13:22

What does it mean to be a man after God’s own heart as King David was? In Acts 13:22, we find the answer: doing God’s Will. However, how can we do His Will if we do not first hear His voice? St. Joseph, a quiet man of action, was first a man of prayer and is known as the “patron of the interior life.” May we follow his example by setting a time for prayer each day so our contemplation of God’s Word can direct our action in doing God’s Will without hesitation each day.

Live It! Practical Tip of the Week: Make a daily appointment with God! Set a time and place. Prioritize it as the most important appointment of
your day.

St. Joseph,
Mystery hidden from the wise and learned,
But reveal to the little ones.
Take me to Nazareth and train me in your ways.
Reveal to me Christ’s hidden face present in my children.
Unveil for me the love of the Holy Spirit present in my spouse.
Teach me to manifest for them the Father who is rich in mercy.
Help me to exclude all evil from my heart and my home,
So that we might find union with God,
And experience his love, peace, and joy.
– By Steve Bollman