The Theology of Food

May 23, 2017

“For my flesh is food indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.”
-John 6:55


Food is one of the most religious things that we have.

Father Leo’s ministry, Grace Before Meals, has developed an entire theology of food. Before God made the body, he made food. When creating the body, he created hunger (or theologically speaking— desire); hunger in a physical sense, but also a desire for spiritual needs to be met. These spiritual hungers can only be met by God himself.

Ultimately, God wants to quench that spiritual hunger by becoming our food. All we have to do is show up at the altar of our Lord and receive Him during the greatest meal of all time.


O Lord, we thank you for the gifts of your bounty which we enjoy at our table. As you have provided for us in the past, so may you sustain us throughout our lives. While we enjoy your gifts, may we never forget the needy and those in want.